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Santosha: Holding Space for Ourselves and Others

Recently I’ve been on this kick about creating space. Create space in your body to deepen your twist, create space in your mind for the truth of the moment, create space in your heart for love and compassion.  But what happens to that space we create?  Is it just there for a moment and then *poof* disappears like so many seeds from a dandelion?  And what happens when we create space for other people or create space for ourselves? What does that look like?

Yoga on the Butte

Today I hosted a wonderful group of eager hikers up the West Butte Trail in Palmer. The day was glorious.  The smell of the earth was rich as we hiked.  Every leaf on the gently swaying trees unfurled to soak in the warmth of the sun.  When we reached the top, we were greeted by stunning views of Knik Glacier, majestic Pioneer Peak, and the entire river basin stretching out in front of us.