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Peaceful Emptiness: a reflection

​Getting some quiet reprieve for the first time in a while. Enjoying the stillness of the room, the warmth of this quilt, and the profound sense of emptiness that comes with the release of something heavy. This Vata time of year is usually a thrilling challenge. I tend to enjoy the movement, the shift from summer choas to the regimine of fall and the slight struggle to step in time to a new rhythm. Of course, there are a few weeks where everything feels off, like I forgot how to walk or breathe and I’m blowing around in the ether like the leaves, but eventually everything settles – pulled back to the earth by the waning light and gravity.           Not this time.  This season I’ve been untethered. I’ve been like the Japanese Yurei, wandering the earth without legs or feet to ground me to the earth. Not without purpose, but fragile in substance and sustenance. I wish I knew the difference this year. I wish I could identify the exact …

Win a SuperPowers Session!

Hello lovelies! We are having a giveaway! Post a review about Bliss Yoga AK on Facebook and share our page with a friend to be entered to win a free spot in the upcoming Superpowers series: “Celebrating Sankalpa – the art of intentions”. This is a $75 value and includes 6 classes!! Giveaway will be Oct. 20th. Good luck!

Be Like Water

A famous Bruce Lee quote talks about being like water. Water, a substance that makes up 71% of the earth’s surface and about 60% of your body, is able to take the form of whatever it encounters. “If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle” – Bruce Lee.  Pondering water and its incredible attributes, I’m reminded of much easier my life is when I remain fluid. Not everything goes as planned…and that’s ok. Recently, I had a health crisis that spun my whole thought process for a loop. Here I was, healthy, happy, high-energy, and -BOOM- I encounter this life-changing moment that shifted my trajectory.  But instead of getting stuck in how my life was, now, different than my expectations, I can choose to be like water and go with the flow. I can celebrate the diverse moments in my life instead of feeling defeated by them. I can trust the process, knowing that every shift in my path is teaches …

Yogis Hike

Beginning in June, Halie Montañez and I will  be leading two hikes per month each ending with a juicy yoga sesh. Drop-ins are welcome,  but save yourself some cash and sign up in advance. Each hike will begin at the designated trailhead parking lot by 9am.  In order to cultivate this beautiful community connection,  we will all hike together. Once we’ve arrived at our class site,  we will take in the views and breath for a moment,  then begin class. Class will be 45-75 min depending on the pace and intensity of the hike. Please allow 3hrs for the entire excursion  (hike in,  yoga,  hike out). Yogis are welcome to hike out as a group,  or perhaps adventure onwards to play in the fantastic natural settings we have selected.

Winter Break

Bliss Yoga is taking a little break to rest and digest all the goodness of this amazing year. Our last class of 2015 is going to be December 11th. We will reconvene with a new schedule in January 2016. Enjoy the introspective depth of winter and we will see you on the other side.  Xoxo

Second Saturday Slacro!

Come to our Second Saturday Slacro (slacklining and acro) jam at Rock-On Climbing in Wasilla. Only $5!! This is not a class, rather an informal get together to play and share what we know! No experience necessary, feel free to bring a partner or come on your own. Dates: November 14th 5pm -9pm December 12th 5pm-9pm January 9th 5pm-9pm You will want to check in at the front desk at the gym (sign a waiver if you haven’t been here before) and pay your $5. The fee is your day pass (normally $15) for the gym and covers use of the yoga room for acro and use of the various slacklines (highline too!!!). If you want to have use of the climbing walls you will need to pay the full day pass fee. So please join us for a fun night of slacking and acro! It’s going to be a blast!! Check out the Facebook event here!

ACROYOGA Workshop!

If you follow Bliss Yoga, you know that we LOVE acroyoga! And what better way to show our acrolove than an ACROYOGA WORKSHOP!? Yay! Coming September 12th and 13th to the Anjali Yoga Room!! Kate Gibbs and Chris Goodrich of Acroyoga Alaska have teamed up to bring you two awesome days of asana, acro, ahimsa (non-harming), and ananda (bliss). Day 1 will be an introduction day geared towards those who have little to no experience with acroyoga. We will go over the basics of communication, trust, bone-stacking, and counter-balance. Day 2 will build on that foundation with some more advanced techniques. More information to come!! WHEN: September 12th and 13th (Saturday and Sunday) WHERE: the Anjali Yoga Room in Wasilla WHO: Kate Gibbs and Chris Goodrich COST: $40/day or $70 for both WHAT to bring: Yourself and your mat. No partner necessary.