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Santosha: Holding Space for Ourselves and Others

Recently I’ve been on this kick about creating space. Create space in your body to deepen your twist, create space in your mind for the truth of the moment, create space in your heart for love and compassion.  But what happens to that space we create?  Is it just there for a moment and then *poof* disappears like so many seeds from a dandelion?  And what happens when we create space for other people or create space for ourselves? What does that look like?

Living with Purpose and Intention

I  recently began another Instagram challenge . This one entails 28 days of showing self-love in a variety of ways.  Day 4 of the challenge is about values. What we say we value and the values we demonstrate are often different. People’s values are not always apparent. Not every one lives their life in conjunction with their beliefs, and sometimes we even thrive in complete untruth. Sometimes we are aware of these moral discrepancies,  other times we aren’t.