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Paleo-ish Alfredo (allergen free!)

Ok!  So for all of you paleo eaters,  did you know that white rice (not brown rice) is technically allowed under the paleo diet? I didn’t either…well,  until the Internet told me so that it.  Of course,  thereare a lot of different schools of thought on what is and what isn’t Paleo and why…and I’m not on the Paleo diet. So that’s why my recipe is called “Paleo-ish Alfredo”.

Creamy Vegan Shells n Cheese

I get asked for this recipe ALL the time. It’s a huge hit with vegans, ¬†vegetarians, and people who suffer from allergies, as well as, “normal” people. This twist on mac n cheese takes about 40 min to make (mostly because of the noodles) and produces 6 hardy servings ¬†(especially when sausage + veggies are added). Oh and did I mention it’s completely allergen friendly and delicious? !