AcroYoga is the merging of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai therapeutic work into a beautiful partner practice that cultivates compassion, communication, and connection. To quote AcroYoga International, “three is the smallest community”. Acro is a dance with three (or more) participants; base, flyer, and spotter. All three are equally vital to the success, safety, and enjoyment of the group.

Kate and Eldon co-teach introductory acroyoga workshops and organize informal acro jams where students get together to play and share.


Acroyoga encourages a balance of strength and grace. Accessible to almost anyone of any age or ability, acro is a practice that allows people to explore how they give to others and how they themselves receive.


Kate and Eldon began their acro journey in 2015, when a chance encounter with a childhood friend created their first opportunity to try acro for themselves. Since then, Kate and Eldon have shared their partner practice with dozens of students from highschoolers to retirees. They teach from a perspective that healthy touch, laughter, and empathy allows for communication and connection beyond what words are capable of reaching. Kate and Eldon’s acro classes are often opportunities for self-study where students reach a place of self-awareness that they had not encountered before.

To learn more about acroyog check out our video here.

Jams are monthly, 630pm each second Monday at Rock-On Climbing in Wasilla.