Letting Go with the Moon

“Letting go” is an intention meant to create space.  When we hold on to thoughts, emotions, relationships, or any other things that no longer nourish us, we clutter our energy and stifle our ability to move forward.  We are literally stuck.  A great way to shake off that lethargy and create space for the new (new year, new intentions, new energy) is to perform a letting go ceremony. 

You get to choose what it is that you let go of. For some of you, this will be a time of deep reflection. Perhaps you choose to let go of wrongs that had been done to you a long time ago that still hurt your heart. Or maybe you choose to let go of something simpler like getting frustrated in the grocery store parking lot.  Whatever you choose, let it be something that you truly wish to release from your life.

Ceremonies are powerful.  They bring us into full focus with the present moment because they are so intentional and deliberate.  Letting Go Ceremonies can be done at any time but they are particularly potent when performed on a full moon. 

A full moon is the pinnacle of the moon phases.  This is time when apana (downward flow of energy) has reached its peak and the intentions that you may have set during the new moon are manifest.  This is the perfect time to release and let go of that build up.  January 12th, the first full moon of the new year, is the ideal time to release whatever stuck feelings you have from 2016 and open yourself up to the newness of 2017.

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What you will need:

        A pen and paper

        A bowl

        A candle or a lighter

        A place that feels good to you

        Items specific to you that help you feel peaceful

Steps of a Full Moon Letting Go Ceremony:

1.      Choose a place for your ceremony.  You might go to a place in nature that speaks to you or perhaps you have a favorite room in your home, go there and bring things that will help you feel peaceful and centered.  You may want candles or soft music, or maybe your favorite essentials oils. Set up the space in a way that speaks to you.  

2.      Write down 1-3 things you wish to release on a piece of paper.  

3.      Sit or stand comfortably and take three falling out breaths (deep inhales through the nose and big, rushing exhales through the mouth). Attune your focus to your body. Relax any tension in the body. Letting go can sometimes be scary! Honor that feeling and ask your body to relax.

4.      Place your paper in the bowl and light it with the candle or lighter.  Allow whatever feelings come up to move through you.  You may experience sadness, relief, an uplift of energy. 

5.      As your paper burns away, repeat these words:  With gratitude, with love, with compassion,

I release, I release, I release. 

6.      Conclude your ceremony with three more falling out breaths.  You may choose to meditate after the ceremony.

Enjoy your ceremony! Make it as unique to you as you would like.  Happy New Years and happy letting go. Namaste. 

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