Sunday Teachers’ Circles


What: Second Sunday Teachers’ Cirlce

When: Sundays 430-630pm Oct 9th, Nov 13th, Jan 8th, Feb 12th, March 12th, April 9th

Where: The Anjali Yoga Room

Cost: FREE

Hello and welcome to our beautiful circle. This group is to foster connection and community between Alaska Yoga Teachers. The circle will include: space for sharing, short asana practice, ample time to brainstorm cues, discussion on inspiring texts, a place too create and hold space for each other. Alaska Teachers and teacher trainers only please.. All studios welcome. These circle gatherings will be facilitated and are FREE.  

At these Circles we will support each other with love and open conversation. We will ground with a short 20 min practice (led by Halie, Hilary, or Kate), followed with a time of sharing (cues, class stories, challenges, triumphs, or simply how our lives are going). We will also nurture our bodies with simple finger foods (pot luck style encouraged but not required).

Mats and props are provided. Practice will begin at 4:40pm. This is an open format, so if you need to be late or leave eary – No Worries!

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