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Living with Purpose and Intention

My Instagram version of a

My Instagram version of a “vision list”. Check out my IG for more info.

I  recently began another Instagram challenge . This one entails 28 days of showing self-love in a variety of ways.  Day 4 of the challenge is about values. What we say we value and the values we demonstrate are often different. People’s values are not always apparent. Not every one lives their life in conjunction with their beliefs, and sometimes we even thrive in complete untruth. Sometimes we are aware of these moral discrepancies,  other times we aren’t.

Here are a few brain exercises to help you be more aware of your own values. First, jot down the things you think you value (or want to value), then answer the following questions:
1. What 3 things do I desire most,  but feel I am lacking in my life?
2. What 3 things would I grab from my home if it were on fire?
3. What are the top 3 ways in which I spend my time?

Now look back at your list of values.  Are those values reflected in your answers? Perhaps you want to adjust your list of values,  perhaps you want to adjust your actions.  There is no right or wrong,  simply seeing the truth of what is.

If you would like to explore your values further, take your list of values and make two columns next to it.  In one column, write how you are already demonstrating that value. In the next column,  write how you would like to improve.  Write those improvements as if you are setting an intention. An intention is not a goal that we must accomplish.  It is not based on performance. An intention is more of an inspiration, a statement of the direction your heart desires you to go. An intention is about the practice, the moving towards something, rather than the end result.

Cultivating more awareness of actions and values helps us to live a more purposeful and intentional life. I, for one, would like my actions to accurately represent my morals, beliefs, and personal truths. This what I value:

-Perpetuating knowledge, practicing self-care, promoting community, living with purpose and authenticity, creating positive environments, respecting the Earth, cultivating true connection, welcoming stillness, bringing joy to others, giving love in all things,  and having deep rooted faith in God.

It is my intention to live within these values and to be open to and respectful of the values of others. I am happy and intend to continue living a positive and fulfilling life. I invite you to exam your own life and take this journey with me.

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My theory is this: if you strive for bliss, bliss you shall find. How do I know? I live this theory every day. I'm Kate, a 30-something yoga teacher, rock climber, cozy clothes addict extraordinaire. I am here in this world, raw and unyielding, living a life of intention and bliss. This blog is a way for me to share the bliss I have found through food, fitness, and friendship. I strive for bliss every day, and every day I find it. I hope you find it too. Namaste.